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SOHInfo Solutions Systematic Literature Reviews
Search with confidence

Utilizing APIs and manual review, our queries are built by professionals and are enchanced by our platform, enabling the identification and organizing of limitliess amounts of literature for systematic review from all available sources

Our process includes PICO, but utlizes MeSH, meta-data, and full-text search when available to identify high-level literature with confidence

Prioritize document retrieval and screening

SOHInfo Literature Reviews come with detailed scoring and ranking of studies based on a variety of data, including publiation type, MeSH terms, primary or comparison names and aliases, treatment, condition, commorbidity terms, and more

Gain full insight into the domain of literature and feasibility of state-of-the-art, safety and performance analyses - and more, quickly and affordably

Predictable and efficient

Our solutions are designed for reusability. By engaging with us for recurring reports, or reports that utilize the same data, you save time and money in acquisition and screening

Looking for affordable and expediant literature reviews?

We can help! Our process is fast and efficient!

SOHInfo Reports Literature Evaluation Reports
Our literature evaluation can be broken out into two distinct reports, depending on your needs. All reports are accessible through our Portal, as well as any associated documents.

1) Literature Survey
  • Searches all available literature
  • Quick and inexpensive
  • Meta-data scoring and eligibility
  • Full-text scoring when available
  • Makes full use of OpenAccess and existing literature access
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2) Literature Review
  • Screening done in ranked order from Literature Survey
  • Discovery phase for identifying specific PICO terms
  • Integrates emergent terms and continuously rescores eligibility
  • Consolidated literature subscription access
  • Final delivery includes full PRISMA chart and all acquired literature
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