Post-Market Surveillance

AI-Powered Social Media Monitoring

Satisfy regulatory agencies increasing requirements to include social media for post market surveillance

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  • Continuously monitor major social media platforms using natural language processing to identify and characterize each post
  • Easily organize and group comments and posts to create a comprehensive view of your products
  • Setup alerts and notifications to quickly identify those posts that might require your follow up
  • Easily add dynamically characterized social media events to literature and regulatory data to create a complete cross-channel view of your products

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Major Social Media Platforms

SOHInfo monitors social media platforms used by professionals in the industry. For the first time, full monitoring and surveillance across all major vertical data is possible in one integrated platform. You can now track what is being posted and said about your products.

AI-based natural language processing scans, identifies and characterizes what is being said in each thread to allow you to quickly see the good, bad and neutral - without spending precious time and resources to track.

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Continuous Updates

Social media is an important platform to monitor as part of your post market vigilance process. You can do that with minimal effort while getting deep, integrated insight.

SOHInfo continuously monitors major social media sites and generates at-a-glance reports using AI-powered natural language processing. By identifying and characterizing each thread and posts you are better able to comply with regulatory post market requirements.

SOHInfo provides the most complete and cost-effective method for supporting all of your products.

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Custom Data Concepts

SOHInfo Supports quick and intuitive set-up. By utilizing the data dictionary capability you can create custom concepts that include data from multiple sources.

You can define an adverse event concept like 'injury' and power that concept with data from regulatory events along with data pulled from social media platforms to create a comprehensive view of your product in the market.

Each concept can be further broken down by individual product, type, or other subset to support your specific needs. The system automatically aligns the data and sorts the results by the grouping strategy you choose.

SOHInfo Monitoring Platform

Product Features

SOHInfo's AI-powered Monitoring Platform provides ubiqitous data management, metrics, and analytics across all data verticals for your products

Robust Charting Capabilities

SOHInfo provides a library of standard charts as well as the ability to create custom, dynamic charts designed to better manage your products.

You can create custom charts using tools to access data from all sources (event reports, literature and social media) to provide deeper insights and understanding on how your products are performing.

Comprehensive Analysis on all Products

The SOHInfo monitoring platform provides you complete breakdown of events on your products.

You get intuitive charting showing you key data and metrics beyond simple event grouping and counts.

You can understand key drivers and quickly identify underlying source issues

Smart Alerts

SOHInfo's Monitoring platform lets you setup alerts based on what you want to prioritize. These can be based on individual events, type of events or the total number of events within any time frame you determine.

Setup alerts based on a wide variety of signals to include natural language processing of embedded open text within the event report

Critical Notifications

SOHInfo's AI-Powered process can identify critical trends in the data and notify you of problems or projected issues based on trends in the data. The system can notify you of potential issues before they can become visible to regulators and others.

You can even identify trends in competitive products and react to gain advantage or react to critical performance and safety issues that arise across your industry.

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