Post-Market Surveillance

AI-Powered Event Report Monitoring

Continuously monitors reported events from sources around the globe, for round-the-clock vigilance of your products

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  • Regularly updates data from event reporting repositories
  • Organize and group data to support analysis across your organization
  • Use our library of charts and graphs or create your own to optimize your business intelligence
  • Setup custom alerts and notifications to manage complete product groups

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Global Data Sources

SOHInfo’s AI-Powered monitoring platform interactively links to major regulatory databases to pull the data dynamically.

Access all of the data sources from each repository for far more support for analysis and insight into events and underlying drivers.

Include competitive products to get the complete picture of your industry and to rapidly spot important trends.

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Continuous Data Updating

Using automated interfaces to each data repository, SOHInfo is able to manage the data seamlessly to continuously support all of your critical needs.

These data are typically updated thru the automated data exchange before they are published to public websites. In many cases there is no publicly available access to the data.

SOHInfo’s provides the most complete and cost-effective method for supporting all of your products.

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Custom Data Concepts

SOHInfo Supports quick and intuitive set-up. The event monitoring platform allows you to establish product groups by manufacturer, product code, or any other grouping within the data.

Each group can be further broken down by individual product, type, or other subset to support your specific needs. The system automatically aligns the data and sorts the results by the grouping strategy you choose.

You can set-up notifications and alerts within each group or across groups based on key indicators and thresholds that you choose.

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Customize Data Groups

When combined with SOHInfo's Advanced Analytics plug-in you can quickly create concepts to study for real-time insights.

With cross platform access you can develop analyses and charts with data from clinical trials, regulatory reported adverse events and social media to create the most comprehensive view of your products available.

Complete access to all treatments, devices, patient groups, conditions, outcomes, biomarkers, adverse events, co-morbidity's, and sources provides for unlimited research, insights, and better understanding of your products and your competitors’ products.

SOHInfo Monitoring Platform

Product Features

SOHInfo's AI-powered Monitoring Platform provides ubiqitous data management, metrics, and analytics across all data verticals for your products

Robust Charting Capabilities

SOHInfo provides a library of standard charts as well as the ability to create custom, dynamic charts designed to better manage your products.

You can create custom charts using tools to access data from all sources (event reports, literature and social media) to provide deeper insights and understanding on how your products are performing.

Comprehensive Analysis on all Products

The SOHInfo monitoring platform provides you complete breakdown of events on your products.

You get intuitive charting showing you key data and metrics beyond simple event grouping and counts.

You can understand key drivers and quickly identify underlying source issues

Smart Alerts

SOHInfo's Monitoring platform lets you setup alerts based on what you want to prioritize. These can be based on individual events, type of events or the total number of events within any time frame you determine.

Setup alerts based on a wide variety of signals to include natural language processing of embedded open text within the event report.

Critical Notifications

SOHInfo's AI-Powered process can identify critical trends in the data and notify you of problems or projected issues based on trends in the data. The system can notify you of potential issues before they can become visible to regulators and others.

You can even identify trends in competitive products and react to gain advantage or react to critical performance and safety issues that arise across your industry.

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