Literature Reviews and Meta-Analysis SOHInfo Clinical Solutions Technology empowering meta-analysis and literature reviews for comprehensive and consistent results
Literature Reviews

Utilizing proprietary software, SOHInfo searches and screen thousands of clinical trial studies and other literature types to identify, score, rank, and analyze entire medical domains of literature.

With our literature reviews, you will have a complete analytical view of the medical domain of your interest, including a breakdown of publication type, MeSH terms, full-text search results and a clear understanding of scope and eligibility.

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Meta-Analysis and Clinical Evaluation Reports

SOHInfo has decades of experience drafting and publishing meta-analysis papers for regulatory submissions and intelligence reports.

Our technology allows us to precisely capture millions of data points across thousands of studies and integrate these data into comprehensive meta-analytic reports.

Focusing on safety and performance, our analysis covers every aspect of the data, allowing for both global and local meta-analysis across thousands of studies.

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