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Business Support

Comprehensive Data Driven Analysis That Support All Aspects of Business

Comprehensive Data Driven Analysis that Supports All Areas of Business

The SOHInfo advantage for business is delivered thru our SaaS service portal that provides continuous access to data and analysis. This provides real time ability to identify data driven concepts in the data and quickly perform first level analysis to provide complete insights to support the business ongoing.

Whether your need is to support clinical trials design based on the data and design from the existing body of science to competitive analysis to show down to the individual data points strengths and weaknesses product by product our comprehensive data and analytics allow you to quickly and effectively produce outputs continuously.

SOHInfo allows you to download the complete data-set in any format needed to support in-house analysis and investigation. Our world class meta-analytic staff is available to work with your staff to support your business needs.

Business Support

Clinical trials design based on all outcomes and end points currently defined in the literature with frequency and distribution

R&D support based on the existing body of science to identify gaps in the science and to focus on specific pathways and population sub-groups

Competitive analysis to identify specific strengths and weaknesses of products in the market place based on all the science and data

Product life cycle evaluation based on all available data

Continuous Data Updates

Continuously Scans all Selected Literature Repositories

Dynamically Identifies and Downloads

Continuously Maintains Data

Process Any Literature

Published Scientific Literature

Internal Reports

Unpublished Literature

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Big Data Sets Allow For Big Data Techniques

SOHInfo's data service is designed to generate comprehensive data-sets to support research and analysis. We create data sets that cover entire domains of literature giving you the ability to efficiently generate reports and outputs to support all of your organizational requirements.

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  • Interactive charts and graphs provide full insight into key elements of the data set
  • Provides complete history for visibility and traceability
  • Interactively explore each article to analyze and Identify trends and other elements
  • Complete breakdown of treatments, devices, pharmaceuticals, conditions, outcomes, biomarkers, adverse events and comorbidities
  • Generate custom analytical concepts to support continued exploration of the data
  • Group and analyze the data to best support your analytical goals
  • Download the complete data set in for in-house analysis and further exploration


SOHInfo is a subsidiary of MedAware Systems Inc. specializing in innovative meta-analytic and big data services for healthcare and medical science.


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