About Us

We are data that drives science

SOHInfo is a knowledge platform. The portal continuously aggregates, organizes, and interprets clinical research data and is the only industry-standard knowledge platform for evidence-based clinical, research and business due diligence. Founded on the life’s work of one of the world’s leading biostatisticians and a recognized expert in medical meta-analysis, the SOHInfo portal offers groundbreaking meta-analytic, and big data methodologies and analytic tools.

Science of Health Informatics

Inspired by MedAware Systems' unprecedented access to data, SOHInfo has developed a unique set of informatics tools and algorithsm designed to work with the MedAware Systems database. Driven by data and powered by AI, SOHInfo specializes in advancing, precision, speed, and efficiency of meta-analysis to produce the highest level of literature domain inclusion and data resolution available within the medical industry today.

Literature Domain Knowledge

MedAware Systems' patent-pending technology determines the full scope of published literature surrounding any patient, intervention, disease, outcome, or publication criterion. The MedAware Systems process establishes ranked significance of searched literature and identifies cornerstone publications within the literature domain.

MedAware Systems Database

MedAware Systems has developed the world's first database and accompanying process for extraction and organization of all raw data contained within a published clinical trial. The process involves a hybrid human/machine interface that ensures near 100 percent accuracy and processes a single publication in minutes. With the flexibility to ingest any type of clinical data, the MedAware database holds hundreds to thousands of data points around any medical disease area.


SOHInfo is a subsidiary of MedAware Systems Inc. specializing in innovative meta-analytic and big data offerings for the healthcare and pharma industry.


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