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SOHInfo is the world’s first analytic portal for data acquired from all published literature. Offering you access to the most powerful analyses possible. Come see what is possible with access to unlimited medical evidence.

Now offering access to the SOHInfo Alzheimer's and Dementia Portal

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Alzheimer's and Dementia Portal

The complete evidence base of published Alzheimer's and Dementia data


All clinical trial design types, including intervention, prospective, retrospective, cross-sectional and more.


All treatment types reported in the literature: drugs, psychosocial, complementary & integrative, procedures and more.


All reported outcomes including widely reported scales like the Mini-Mental State Exam, and Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale, biomarkers, adverse events and more.

Discrete Data Points

Patient demographics, publication details, comorbidities, funding sources, and more.

Product Features

SOHInfo is a knowledge platform. The portal continuously aggregates, organizes, and interprets clinical research data. It is the only industry-standard knowledge platform for evidence-based clinical, research and business due diligence

Data Dashboard

Complete surveillance of your data, live, in one place

Data Directory

View specific and relational information about each data point in your dataset

On-Demand Charting

Visualize your data with a virtually limitless combination of variables

Data Dictionaries

Use the SOHInfo Data Dictionary or create your own to group ontological concepts for normalization and more

Advanced Analysis

Complete meta-analytic suite, without limitation on literature inclusion

Regular Updates

As new data comes in, your database is automatically updated

Custom Solutions

For bias-free science, all evidence must be considered for analysis. This is why we believe that codified, structured data is what will move science forward. We extract and organize the vast amounts of available biomedical research data to generate precise data points required for your detailed insights. SOHInfo expertly supports a suite of diverse biomedical industry and research enterprise requirements with independent evidence-based research tools and high-impact data visualizations.

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SOHInfo is a subsidiary of MedAware Systems Inc. specializing in innovative meta-analytic and big data offerings for the healthcare and pharma industry.


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